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Fly For Fun Player Guide

Flying Operation Guide

1. You have to buy a broom or board at the station Files to be able to fly.

2. Drag or double click your broom or board in your inventory.

3. You can start your flight by pressing spacebar.

4. With pressing right button of the mouse, you can move your head to the direction where you want to move. You can also move. flight object by pressing W. S. A D. key in keyboard.

5. Here it a tip. If you double click the right mouse button. You can change the direction of your flight simply bu moving your mouse.

6. Everyone can fly using any of the flying object regardless of Support the characters class or job. These are about flying.

?Flying Combat Guide

1. If you have a close distance with a monster while flying, you will see a box around the monster.

2. If you press the Tab key, the Target is automatically aimed. Same thing happens if you click the right mouse button.

Level 18Collect 8 Bang Chains from BangsFrom Saint Morning, go south. Unless you are blind, you should definitely see themBroom Body and EXP (Be sure to keep the broom parts with you throughout the quest)

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